Wide Awake At Midnight

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Wide Awake At Midnight


I'm wide awake at midnight, it's far too hot to sleep

I listen to the traffic as it goes by in the street

Can't wait until the morning, coz there's someone, I have to meet


I met him at the tram stop, I was trying to pay my fare

I almost bumped right into him, “Sorry, didn't see you there”

As he looked into my eyes I knew I didn't, have a prayer


Sometimes fate steps in and deals a winning hand

They say it's all there in the stars but I don't understand

Does the sun shine on the righteous ? Well that's not for me to say

We all deserve a little luck, guess some just came my way

I'm wide awake at midnight, It's been a really good day


There's a smell of Jasmine, floating in the air tonight

I hear the sound of a clarinet, so delicate and bright

Then Sleep takes me away, and I fall towards the morning light

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