Hi, I'm and amateur musician and songwriter from Cheshire in the UK.
I started my musical journey when I was 14 and my parents bought me a clarinet which i went on to play in a local Trad Jazz band for a few years.

When I was 18 I got my first drum kit and joined a band in Crewe, Cheshire and that was it, drumming was my thing.

I played the drums in several bands for the next 40 years but in 2014 I hung up my sticks and put my kit to bed for good.

I've always loved music so I started writing songs, something which I'd seen other people do for years but never thought of having a go at myself.

Anyway, you'll find all my songs here, most sung by me and some sung by friends of mine.
I'm hampered by a poor singing voice so the more songs I can get recorded by my singing friends the better.

Thanks for looking....

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