Rome wasn't Built In A Day


I'm walking down 5th avenue

Shopping for a little something new

I was checking my hair in the window glass

That's when I first noticed you

You were standing on the corner Looking so cool

With you're hat pulled over one eye

I thought to myself “He's way out of my league”

But You don't get if you never try


So I powdered my nose and I blew myself a kiss

“I'll never get a date looking like this”

So I put on some rouge and painted my lips

Plumped up my hair and waggled my hips

Went strolling on by like this was the norm

But he never looked up from his racing form

I'll have to go around again, what do ya say?

Coz Rome wasn't built in a day


When I got home later that day

There was a note pushed under my door

I opened it up and read it out loud

It was then that I almost fell to the floor

It said “ I saw you walking by like you do most days”

But you've never ever seem to notice me

I went weak at the knees and I read the note again

I'm as happy as a single girl could be


It said “I bought a new suit, I bought a new hat

I waited on the corner for you”

“I watched you do your make-up in the window glass

It was then that all my dreams came true”

“So how's about you meet me at Danny's at Eight

I'll be waiting there for you so please don't be late”

“We'll take it nice and slow, what do ya say?

Coz Rome wasn't built in a day, Oh yes

Rome wasn't built in a day”

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