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On The Town


Well me and the girls we're out on the town

We're gona line a few up, we're gona knock em' all down

We're gona show you boys just how it's done

Best stay out of our way, we're gona hve a little fun

We're gona come through your town like a biblical plague

We get everywhere, we don't know how to behave

Leave the town burning when we're done

Gona kiss you where you stand or chase ya if you run


Got our high heels on, dressed up to the 9's

Didn't bring a coat, it just a sign of the times

We're gona raise hell until we've had our fill

Don't bring your granny, she wont know what hit her

You can follow our progress on Facebook or Twitter

Enough talkin' for now, let's get the first round in


We've planed this operation like a military strike

A progesterone bomb, or something of the like

Stay calm and you wont be hurt

We don't take prisoners so you'd best stay alert

We only lost a couple on last years outing

Missing in action amongst the laughing and the shouting

But we found 'em further on up the street

Wearing a plastic road cone and nothing on their feet

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