My Old Backwater Town

Backwater Town - Simon mellor
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Verse 1


Well I’m getting tired of my old home town

I’ve got to get out of here

There’s a big old world waiting out there, or so I’ve been told?

I’ve been doing some thinking and there really aint nothing - holding me here

Better get my stuff together before my wanderlust goes cold

Gona say goodbye to a couple of friends

And then I’ll be on my way

I’m feeling kind of sad as I drive by my old school

Got my cases in the back, a full tank of gas

And the radio’s playing my tunes

I look in my rear view mirror, I’m been followed by a Tom Waits moon

Or any moon you like :)




I watch the sun go down on this dusty old town

I turn and drive slowly away

If I drive all night ‘neath the light of the moon I might make it all the way to LA

But as the miles go by I get a tear in my eye

Thoughts of home are filling my mind

I got to keep driving and be true to myself

And leave my old life behind


Verse 2


I’ve never spent more than a couple of days away from my old backwater town

I’ve worked at the same old place ever since I left school

I know every street and ally, all the people there,

And all of the stories they tell

And when I’ve had a few beers I can beat anybody at pool

As I drive through the night I see the city lights, up ahead just over the hills

Not long now, then I’ll be the new kid in town

I pull over when I see the city sign glowing bright, there on its own

I put her in reverse, turn the car around, put my foot down, I’m going home




I watch the sun come up on this dusty old town

It’s gona be a beautiful day

There’s no way around it, I’m just a country girl/Boy

And that’s the way that its gona stay

I may have had big dreams and I may have had the means

But here is where my heart calls home

Gona stay where I belong, put my story down in song

Guess that’s something I’ve always known

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