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Have You Seen My Heart


Have you seen my heart, We've been to long apart

Something came between us a long long time ago

Somewhere in the dark, Cupid missed his mark

He was blinded by another as he let his arrow go


Since then...


Time has hurried by in the blink of an eye

I watched as the months turn into years

And from what I hear tell the arrow lay whee it fell

In a pool of regret and bitter tears

But there's one thing I know, when it's my turn to go

And the lord puts his hand on my shoulder

I wont be afraid, to leave this charade

Coz this world couldn't get any colder


Have you seen my heart? Coz I've looked everywhere

There's something beating in my chest but I'm sure that it's not there

I was dealt a loosing hand, but I kept my poker face

I swallowed all my bitter tears, I didn't like the taste


Now I sit here alone beside my telephone

don't know why, coz it hasn't rung in years

I hear people say “ Just forget yesterday”

I try But I can't listen to my peers

I hear children play at the end of the day

And I cry for a life that I craved so much

What I wouldn't give for one day just to live

In a world where I could feel one gentle touch

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