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Dancing With No Shoes On

Dancing With No Shoes On


I've got a feeling something's coming

The air is warm and still tonight

If I listen hard I hear the sound of your guitar strumin'

Coming through my window clear and bright


I hear the rumours going round the town

I usually let that small talk pass me by

My friends say they heard you, talkin' bout me today

But I just Don't know if your really my kind a guy?


But Hey...


let's get together, let's hang out

Show the world what we're all about

Go dancing' with no shoes on, in the rain

I don't care where you come from

Are ya going to be my new number one

And set my soul on fire from the very start?


People say you come from the wrong side of the tracks

Not the sort of guy to have around

But I don't listen, coz I think that they're all crazy

And my feet are planted firmly on the ground


Now you're standing on my doorstep

With one red rose and a wicked smile

Should we really take the next step, what dya say?

Throw everything we got into the pot or wait just a little while

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