Going Down Fighting


Verse 1

Well I didn't get a lot of sleep last night,

I'm feeling so sad and blue

My man's gone and left me flat

and broken my heart into

He's taken my car and all of my money,

Shame on you if you think that's funny

But there's on thing he should not forget,

I can dish out just as good as I get



Coz if I'm goin' down I'm going down fightin'

Skid row isn't all that inviting

I need my Gucci bag and French champagne

I'm gona find that man I gona shoot him dead

Or maybe just punch him on the nose instead

One thing's for sure I'm gona 

Scottie's Demo Songs

Ful Song Test C MP3.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 03:47
Rich In E count.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 03:57

The Richest Girl In The World In C

Song In E with cymbal 8 count and ending

The Richest Girl In The World


Verse 1


Who's that knocking on my front door?

It's no friend of mine, that's for sure

It must be the Bailiff, I recognise the knock

There's nothing left to take, it's all gone into hoc

Better stay quiet and hope he goes away

Not a great start to a brand new day

Heaven only knows what the neighbours will say

Let 'em do their worst




Coz when you're down on your luck you've got to bite the bullet

And look the world straight in the eye

I don't have much but I'm still the richest girl in the world

I've got the warm sunshine, the cool refreshing rain

And you don't need money for that

Got two crystal glasses, half a bottle of wine

And a big welcome sign on my front door mat


verse 2


I could do with a holiday but there's no chance

A couple of weeks in Spain, maybe the south of France

Don't have two coins to rub together, guess I'll have to dream

Got a deck chair in the garden and some out of date sun cream

There's nothing in the fridge but a mouldy lump of cheese

I'm sure it said “bless you” the last time I sneezed

Daren't throw it out in case I catch some disease

Best just leave it be

All About You


Verse 1

I assume by your silence, that you've got nothing to say?

Seems I've been doing all the hard work, while you've been rolling in the hey

With another little fool who's gona learn the hard way - all about you


Verse 2

Did you really think you could fool me?

Play me like a fish on a hook?

When you get to the final chapter, you'll find it was me who wrote the book

And everyone's gona know, what your game is when they read all about you



I'm so tired of fightin', coz there's nothing left to fight about

Guess things would have carried on this way, if I'd not caught you out

I don't want to hear any more excuses, no more of your lies

Coz my plane is leaving right on time, heading for clearer sky's


Sax Solo


Verse 3

So you'd better move along now, coz Ive got a house to clean

Got to brush away all these memories and all this hurt which can't be seen

Got to throw it all in the trash, put on the lid and forget all about you





All about You C vocal.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 04:02

All about You C with Vocal

All about You E No Vocal.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 04:00

All about You E No Vocal

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